Personal Injury

If you have been injured on a cruise or excursion, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and mental anguish.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a death brought on by the conduct of another individual. The estate of the surviving family of the victim brings suit against the individual who is responsible for causing the death. Family members of the victim are entitled to receive compensation for funeral and medical costs, loss of future earnings, loss of benefits, and punitive damages to punish the individual for their actions.

Product’s Liability

“Products liability” is used to describe unreasonably dangerous or unsafe appurtenances aboard a ship, such as an unsafe fixture, a portion of the ship created in the ship’s design, or a condition that causes an injury. These conditions can be created by a defective product and can result in liability to the cruise line, manufacturer, seller, or provider of a product or service which may be liable for any injury or damage caused by such product or service.

Negligent Security Liability

Property owners have a duty to provide adequate security to protect their visitors from criminal activity.
Most crimes are easily preventable by property owners by having their property secured.

Negligent Security

There are generally two types of defective products, those with defective designs and those that are manufactured improperly.

Defective Tires

Defective tires may suddenly blowout or have the tread separate and cause are liable for improper tire designs and manufacturing defects.

Rollover Accidents

Rollovers account for 51% of all deaths in standard sport utility vehicles, 36% of deaths in pickup trucks, and 19% of deaths in standard cars. The rollover is an extremely severe automobile accident and an increasingly common one with the growing popularity of sport utility vehicles (SUVs). In 2002, the number of people killed in rollover accidents involving SUVs rose 14 percent. The high center of gravity and the relatively narrow wheelbase of SUVs increase their susceptibility to rollover. Most rollover accidents involve only one vehicle and are typically caused by catastrophic blowout), excessive speed, or poor road conditions.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall legal practice deals with the concept of premises liability. An owner of property (“premises”) owes a duty to his guests (“invitees”) to keep his property in a reasonably safe condition.

So, if you slip and fall on a banana peel while at the local grocery store, your grocer may have breached his duty to provide you, his customer, with a reasonably safe shopping experience. If such a breach caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation from the grocer.

Automotive Accidents

Accidents on our Nation’s roadways are a serious threat to the traveling public and are the leading cause of death for those under the age of thirty-four. Annually, over 40,000 people are killed in approximately five million motor vehicle accidents, many involving teen car accidents. In 2002 alone, nearly 43,000 people died in highway accidents nationwide. That equates to over 115 fatalities per day. The economic costs of these accidents is staggering, over $150 billion per year. Unfortunately, during your lifetime you are likely to be involved in at least one auto accident. You should know what to do in order to protect yourself and your legal rights.

There may be time limits within which you must commence suit, so immediate action may be required.

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