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Admiralty and Maritime

Our Services include:
Maritime Liens / Seamen’s Claims / Limitation of Liability / Marine Insurance Claims Marine Insurance Litigation / Cruise Passenger Claims / Jet-Ski Accidents / Cargo Claims Salvage Claims / Manufacturer’s Defects.

Marine Insurance Claims

Your Yacht Insurance Policy is one of the most important items aboard. Many owners have never read their policy or its exclusions, which dictate the coverage you may not have, in the event of a loss. All boaters should read their policy to determine whether it is an all-risk policy, which covers virtually any peril, or a named-peril policy which covers specific losses.
You should determine if your policy is for a stated value in the event of loss, or actual cash value, where the loss is paid at a depreciated value. Such factors may mean a difference of $1,000(s) of dollars, in the event of a loss. The exclusions, which your policy contains, may prevent recovery from manufacturer’s defects, normal wear and tear, and mechanical breakdown. Read your policy before a loss, as afterward, it may be too late.

Marine Related Litigation

Our client list includes marine insurers, vessel owners, boatyards, boat dealers, yacht brokers, seamen, and marine tradesmen. When problems arise, you may find yourself in need of an experienced “boatlawyer.” This firm is equipped to work with the surveyors, adjusters, and claims representatives, in an effort to resolve your matter successfully. For a free case evaluation involving marine litigation, please contact us.

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